EM112 - Barcode / AEI RFID

Trimble EMPOWER Modular Accessory for Yuma 7, Nomad 5 and Ranger 7
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The Trimble EMPOWER EM112 Asset Tracking Module is the combo 1D/2D Barcode Imager plus 902-928 MHz UHF RFID (GEN2 + AEI) module. The EM112 module supports EPCglobal Gen2 and AEI RFID tag types. The EM112 module works with the Trimble EMPOWER enabled Yuma 7, Nomad 5, or Ranger 7, facilitating handheld data collection in the harshest outdoor environments. Scalable and flexible, the Yuma 7, Nomad 5, or Ranger 7, paired with the EMPOWER modules deliver the perfect combination of strength, smarts, and flexibility, making it perfectly suited to field data capture in nearly any industry and application.