Nomad 5

Portable productivity for the field worker that demands performance
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The Nomad 5 is a reliable rugged handheld computer that keeps up with you in harsh field environments. Aside from its all-day, user-replaceable battery, it includes programmable hard keys and a powerful 2.2 GHz Qualcomm® processor. The Nomad 5 is flexible and easy to use—an all-in-one versatile package that features a streamlined form factor, a 5-inch sunlight-readable touch screen, and an Android™ 9.0 operating system. Intuitive to operate straight out of the box, it is certified with military (MIL-STD-810G) specifications for ruggedness. The Nomad 5 gives mobile field workers a reliable tool they can depend on to collect and protect their data, no matter what the conditions or environment.

5" Modular Handheld
Physical Keys
Built Smart & Tough
High Brightness Display
Fully GMS Certified Android

Portable Productivity for the Field Worker that Demands Mobility

When you work in the field and on the move you have a device that is small enough to carry in the hand, big enough to take the knocks, and powerful enough to get your work done. You don’t have to compromise your mobility for productivity.


Keyed in to the Needs of the Mobile Operator

Make the most of the 5” screen without losing space to on-screen navigation buttons, while providing ease of use in all environments. Program common tasks to physical function keys and speed up your workflow.


Professional gear that’s ready for the rough and tumble

You can rely on your equipment being able to work everywhere you need to for as long as you need to. That means you can get the job done without worrying about getting caught out by equipment that isn’t up to the task. When you’re on the road work a full day on a single battery, or for those really heavy tasks or long days simply change the battery.


Truly Stand out Sunlight performance

When you’re working outside you’ll find the display easy to read and operate, without the backlight draining your battery. Whether in cloud or full sun, avoid simple data entry errors and avoid making simple mistakes caused by mis-reading the display.


The only handheld field computing option

By deploying Android in the field you get access to the most modern, usable, and fastest growing mobile ecosystem. Being GMS certified means you have full access to Google’s entire ecosystem of Android applications and services including Google’s own suite of tools. Access to the Google Play Store not only allows easy update of installed applications, it also gives you access to the millions of other applications already published. As a GMS certified device you are guaranteed that the Nomad 5 handheld meets Google’s system capability and performance requirements.


An expandable toolkit enabling flexible, versatile field solutions

Trimble EMPOWER offers optional Barcode, RFID and GNSS modules compatible with the Nomad 5 and Ranger 7 handhelds. In addition it features the EMPOWER Developer Program to facilitate quick prototyping of your own custom modules. Adjust quickly to new customer demands in the future with the freedom to develop when and what you want.