Trimble Mobile Computing Solutions Cleaning and Disinfecting Guidelines

  • Turn off and/or disconnect the device from AC/DC power.
  • To avoid damage to the device, use only approved Cleaning & Disinfecting agents
  • Follow the Manufacturer’s directions on the approved Cleaning & Disinfecting agent for how to use their product properly and safely.
  • Use pre-moistened wipes or dampen a soft sterile cloth (not wet) with the approved agent. Never spray or pour chemical agents directly onto the device.
  • Use a moistened cotton-tipped applicator to reach tight areas.
  • Do not force any applicators or other objects into ports or power sockets.
  • Do not allow liquid to pool.
  • Allow the device to air dry, dry with a soft lint-free cloth or towelette before use. Ensure electrical contacts are fully dry before reapplying power. 


Approved Cleaning and Disinfectant Agents for Trimble’s Mobile Computing devices

There are numerous cleaning agents used in various industries, some of which contain ingredients that are harmful to the Trimble devices. We recommend using solutions of 70 - 91% Alcohol on a lint free cloth. The use of bleach based products (Sodium Hypochlorite) is not recommended. The use of non-approved cleaning or disinfecting agents may result in damage to the product, and may void the warranty. 

Special Precaution for Hand Sanitizers 

Some hand sanitizers contain ingredients that can be harmful to the device. Hands should be completely dry before handling the device and cradles to prevent damage.